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Marlies. 19. Belgium. Ben Howard is my only love - Zachary Robinson and Matt Hitt are lovely

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Beggars by Bombay Bicycle Club. “Leaving quiet and burnt, those nights we sought all the words.”

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idk i just wanna go on a date this year??

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i dont like getting yelled at i literally stand there and burst into tears

and they’re like WHY ARE YOU CRYING?!!?! It’s because you’re fucking yelling at me you shithead

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”you have already seen that band so you don’t need to go to their concert again” no u don’t understand

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  • me: damn this is so fucking good
  • me: what the fuck is he saying


literally all i want is to fall asleep on someone

that’s it

that’s all

i’m very tired and i want to lay my head on someone’s stomach and have them run their fingers through my hair and sleep

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